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Why Everyone's talking about Gratitude?

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

I like to get deep when I talk about why I practice being grateful. Be prepared for a bit about my beliefs. I started being grateful to help me improve my mood. When you suffer from anxiety, there's panic, loss of control. It's just as contagious as misery.

A quote from Martha Graham that I refer to is "Misery is a Communicable Disease."

When I was in a mood, I wondered why everyone around me couldn't be happy and leave me to my sadness. Just be happy, I would think. Eventually, I'll come around. You're only making things worse. Yep, that was my life. If I was sad, they were too. This meant if I were happier, they would too. So, I began writing daily gratitudes in my notebook. Here's what I wrote on the 30th of January 2020, I was grateful for:

1. Getting out and going for a drive

2. Doing housework and

3. Preparing for my Job Interview on Wednesday

Now I hated housework, but I've learned to love it! I was so excited about the job interview, although I didn't get the job, I was grateful for the opportunity to attend the interview, and well, just getting out of the house was a win back then.

Now, 15 months later, being thankful is a virtue. I'm about to go deep. I have a gratitude journal that I use daily. The activities are beautiful. I'm a fan. The quote from Rumi describes the foundations of my beliefs. "We are stars wrapped in skin. the light we seek is deep within."

Rumi / Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī

Rumi was a Persian poet and Sufi mystic famous for his lyrics. He had a transcendental philosophy. He believed the use of the arts could lead you to God. I'm not Muslim, but it's a mystical journey of ascending through the mind and love. Other spiritual beliefs include transcending and being grateful, a virtue. I now practice for my spiritual wellness. But that's another story.

So, what are you grateful for today? I'd love to hear from you. Write what you're thankful about today? If you live in Australia and leave them in the comments, I might surprise you with my Gratitude Journal Gift Hamper.

5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Gratitude?

  1. Your view of life changes

  2. You feel happier

  3. Your positivity vibe emanates

  4. It improves mood and

  5. It's good for Mental Health

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