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Experience our luxurious, all-natural Australian hair care pamper hamper. Our pamper hamper provides natural hair care products for all hair types. Mermaid Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, an Australian-founded brand, aims to make it simple to achieve beautiful hair. The Bondi Boost Rapid Hair Mask Bauble and Handmade Vegan Multipurpose Cleansing Bar provide deep conditioning, nourishment, and repair for split ends. The cleansing bar can be used as an eco-friendly shampoo or body cleanser.


After your shower, wrap yourself in your plush bamboo organic bathrobe, made from organic bamboo and cotton. We also include a satin scrunchie to tie back beautifully washed hair and Bahen & Co Homebodii Cherry and Coconut 70% Cacao Chocolate Bar to a special treat.  


Purchase our Luxury Hair Care Pamper Hamper and spoil someone special with an all-natural Australian haircare pamper hamper that nourishes, hydrates, and repairs hair to leave it feeling luxuriously clean and soft.


The Luxury Hair Care Pamper Hamper includes a:


  • Plush Organic Bathrobe (one size fits most)
  • Mermaid Hair Shampoo 50ml
  • Mermaid Hair Conditioner 50ml
  • Bondi Boost Rapid Repair Hair Mask Bauble 
  • Handmade Vegan Multipurpose Cleansing Bar 20mg
  • Assorted Satin Scrunchie
  • Bahen & Co Cherry & Coconut 70% Cacao 100g
  • Elegantly presented in our custom-made gift box and protector bag (bathrobe) and
  • Free Personalised Message (optional)

Luxury Hair Care Pamper Hamper


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