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We have everything you need to relax at the end of the day with a tasty Chai Latte. Enjoy the ultimate Chai Latte heaven with our End the Day with Chai Latte food hamper. We've created a delightful hamper chock-full of everything you need to brew and serve a Chai latte at home, including delicious goodies to complement our caffeine-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly Chai.


Unleash your chai passion with an enchanting 99% sugar-free natural chai latte infused with aromatic spices, a creamy texture, and delectable natural sweetness. We've included snacks that pair well with the spicy flavours of Chai, such as blueberry and yuzu jam, a unique blend of traditional Japanese yuzu and sweet blueberries, making it a match made in heaven. There's brie, which has buttery and creamy flavours that complement chai well. Combining grass-fed beef jerky with cinnamon and cardamom spices results in a delicious protein-rich lunchtime snack. The vanilla bean melting moments are a classic butter-cream biscuit that pairs well with chai for a delicious afternoon treat. We also include a rose gold hug me mug so you can enjoy your warm cup of chai.


Purchase our End the Day with Chai Latte Food Hamper and take a much-needed break with a healthy treat.  


The End the Day with Chai Latte Gift Hamper includes:


  • Origin Tea Low Sugar Chai Latte 200g
  • Charlie's Mini Melting Moments 100g
  • Berenberg Blueberry & Yuzu Jam 190g
  • Thomas Dux Ash Cream Brie 200g
  • Kooee Grass Fed Beef Jerky with Sea Salt 14g 
  • Rose Gold Embroidered Hug Me Mug
  • Elegantly presented in our Eco-friendly Custom-made Gift Box and 
  • Free Personalised Message (optional)

End the Day with Chai Latte Food Hamper


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