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Yoga: Stretching Your Way to Health and Wellness

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I started practicing Yoga in January this year because I had read about the benefits of Yoga and was intrigued. I wanted to improve my mindset as I suffer from anxiety. It’s definitely helped with my mindset but I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the benefits On the Mat, Yoga's helped to improve my balance, muscle strength, and tone as I flow into poses that stretch my muscles or body. So, this article is an ode to the benefits of stretching.

In Yoga you're taught to inhale and exhale through your nose, it helps relax your muscles while flowing into poses that stretch your body. Stretching protects the heart and musculoskeletal system by lowering blood pressure. Oxygen flow is limited as muscles contract to become constricted. Stretching is known to regularly improve oxygen flow to the muscles, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Factors that contribute to better health include a good night's sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy, these are often the recommended tips for living a healthier lifestyle. Hydration and a healthy diet benefit the heart and nervous system, but there are many other areas of the body like your knees and joints that can be difficult to manage or we just take them for granted. Stretching is a necessary part of all physical therapy curricula. Although stretching is often thought of as a warm-up or cool-down for more vigorous exercise, it also has a slew of health advantages that must be recognised if you choose to improve your health.

Here are 5 Benefits of Stretching:

  • It helps with muscle strength and tone

  • It helps with flexibility

  • It also increases metabolism to assist with weight loss

  • Improves your joints alignment and

  • Improves mobility

So why not join a Yoga Class, you also get the benefits of meditation as it's incorporated in yoga practice and you also stretch your way to healthier living.

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