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Walking your Way to Health and Wellness

Walking is an excellent way to enhance physical wellness. So, what’s physical wellness? It’s about getting the most out of daily activities without physical stress. I started walking for mental health but I admit, I hadn’t done any exercise for years.

I started with 5000 steps a day, about half the recommended daily steps for healthy people, I was far from healthy. I tracked my progress with my iPhone and walked up to 3 days a week, listening to my favourite playlist. Slowly but surely the health benefits were noticeable and I quit smoking. I’d walk up and down my stairs to build up my daily steps some days and it became a bit of a game. I even registered to walk for Mental Illness and made my goal.

The benefits of walking 30 minutes a day are listed on Better Health, plus it’s free, and you can do it alone or with friends. It also helps reduce the chances of heart attacks, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Walking is a low impact exercise and it’s an excellent way to maintain your physical and mental wellness or even if you haven't exercised for a while. You’ll need good shoes and a water bottle, to start. I like to go where there’s a lot of trees, just meandering along different tracks among the trees helps me to reduce my anxiety and stress levels and helps me maintain my physical wellness but if I can't get there its walking the dogs to our local parks.

Now, get out into a park, visit a national park, or enjoy a tree top walk, they’re quite popular and can located in all states (except the Northern Territory). You may need to take a couple of days off to find a tree top walk in your state but you’ll be free to enjoy your nature walk and a mini getaway too! I’ve recommended a few tree top walks below for each state (except the Northern Territory).

Check out My Favourite Australian Tree Top Walks

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