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Surviving Sydney's Lockdown, Tips to improve Mental Health

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Sydney went into lockdown on 9 July, although we had been under restrictions, and parts of the city were in lockdown from 2 July, Sydney hasn’t experienced a lockdown since the beginning of the pandemic. Stay-at-home orders, restrictions, lockdown, it all means the same. And restricting peoples’ movements can impact mental and physical health.

An article was written by Block Dog Institute, The Mental Health Ramifications of COVID-19: The Australian Context. It talks about the consequences of disease outbreaks and people at risk. If you fear contracting diseases, have depression, or have anxiety, there’s a risk of experiencing higher anxiety levels during a COVID-19 outbreak.

As a sufferer of anxiety, here are my top five tips to manage your mental health during the lockdown.

1. Level Up your Skincare Routine

It’s winter, your skin may feel drier than usual and need some extra attention. Spend an evening pampering yourself.

For a quick and easy pick me up, apply a face mask. I’m a fan of K Beauty products, natural harsh-free ingredients with innovative formulas and active ingredients to nourish and hydrate my skin.

Or, take a little more time-out and take a bath, or a long shower. You can add a few more steps to your normal routine to rejuvenate your mind. If you prefer showers, use an exfoliating body scrub or scented bath gel. Focus on the feeling of the water running down your body or the motion of exfoliating. Our bodies hold up to 60% of water. When showering, I like to think “Fresh water in, negative water out.”

If you like bathing, add a bath bomb or magnesium flakes to your bath. Grab a candle as warm lighting can help calm the mind.

2. Being Grateful

When you’re grateful for all the little things in your life, being in lockdown doesn’t impact as much on your mental health. People tend to acknowledge the good in life when you show appreciation. The daily practice of gratitude can help you shift your focus from a negative state to a positive state.

3. Learn Something New

Try learning a new language or master in-demand skills. Learning new skills can boost your confidence and helps to develop critical thinking. Recognising in yourself the natural ability to learn, grow and explore during lockdown can counteract any negative emotions you may experience.

4. Join a new Social Media Group

If you can’t visit friends or family, connect online. Join new Facebook groups, Skype, or message your friends and loved ones.

5. Get Creative Just for Fun

Draw, colour, or paint for fun. Express yourself through art and release hidden emotions. Another creative idea is to Scrapbook those favourite memories if you can’t go out, reminisce over your past. And plan for the future.

Sydney’s lockdown or any lockdown won’t last forever. Why not take the opportunity now to learn something new or get creative with family. What ideas do you have to manage during a lockdown? Post them in the comments and let me know.

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