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Health and Wellness: What is Mindfulness?

By Jade Tsilimos

Having just signed up to a 5 Day Authentic Speakers Challenge called

Mindset to Inspire, I wanted to Blog about Mindfulness.

There’s many definitions of Mindfulness, but my take, "it's techniques you use to help you remain present rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future".

I mentioned last week I suffered from Anxiety. I started practicing Mindfulness to help with my anxiety and the first method I applied was the 5 4 3 2 1 method. It's a common grounding technique to help you remain present. It goes, Name:

· 5 things you can see.

· 4 things you can touch or feel.

· 3 things you can hear.

· 2 things you can smell and

· 1 thing you can taste.

It really helps me remain calm as I stay present. I don't practice as often as I should but, it was my first successful foray into practicing Mindfulness. I started doing activities like, Arts and Crafts. They're a great way to remain present and focussed on the task. I wasn't very good at it, but it was definitely enjoyable and calming.

I'd write daily gratitude’s to create positive vibes and appreciate the little things in life. How can you be anxious when all you feel is happiness? I know own a Gratitude Journal and use it to journal too. I even started getting out into Nature, it's now one of my favourite past times and is associated with practicing mindfulness by focussing on your surrounds and the moment. A walking mindfulness exercise that’s great is focussing on each step you take, taking in how each foot is placed on the earth and moving through the air until you reach the end of the path. It's great for remaining present.

Mindfulness Vs Meditation

I started to practice sleep meditation using a free APP, iSleep Easy. I'd listen to guided meditations to get to sleep, and that lasted every night for six months. I still use it today when I want to take a Siesta during the day or when I'm overtired. It's a great free resource.

Having read a few articles to define the differences of Meditation vs Mindfulness, I'll quote my favourite Guru, Sadghuru. He says meditation "creates a "space" between you and what is your body and mind". "Once this happens this is the end of suffering". Deep right, I'll leave you to contemplate on his words and find your own conclusion.

A Scientific definition published by Elite Daily says, when you meditate your brain produces both Alpha and Theta brain waves. Theta waves happen when you're in state of dreamless sleep and alpha waves when you're daydreaming. So, Meditation happens when you're in your most relaxed state while mindfulness occurs when you intentionally focus on your task to keep you in the present.

For me, it was an evolution from Mindfulness into Meditation and practicing both has kept me focussed, relaxed, calm and I'm learning acceptance.

Here's My Tips on How to Incorporate Mindfulness into your Life

1. Practice the 54321 Method to remain present and calm your emotions.

2. Engage in Arts and Crafts like, Colouring for Adults, Painting by Numbers or just Painting as Creative Activities can help with low mood, depression and anxiety.

3. Practice Gratitude or Journal your thoughts, both activities can enhance your clarity and focus.

4. Find a Free Meditation App and try it!

5. Keep it regular! Practice every day and schedule a time so it’s part of your Plan.

Do you have other mindful techniques you apply? If not, why not try one of mine and let me know if they help.

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