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Emotional Wellbeing and Benefits of Daily Meditation

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Meditation has been a famous practice for thousands of years, proving its beneficence in redirecting your thoughts and training your mind to focus. The popularity of the practice has been increasing by the day as people explore its benefits, such as increasing your self-awareness, reducing stress, and improving concentration. Meditating daily can be supremely helpful physically, mentally, and emotionally. Have a look at some of the chief benefits of daily meditation.

1. Reduces stress

Stress is one of the major reasons why people begin meditation. The spiked levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, releases inflammatory chemicals leading to harmful effects. These can distort sleep patterns, increase blood pressure and increase depression. Reviews have proved that meditation can help reduce stress. An 8-week study proved that meditation could reduce inflammation, providing relief.

2. Boosts self-awareness

Meditation is the best way to develop a greater understanding of yourself and grow to become a better being. It helps you become aware of your thought habits, get rid of the harmful thoughts, and steer them towards positivity. For example, a study conducted on 153 adults concluded that individuals who used the mindful meditation app for 2 weeks felt less lonely and improved their social connection as compared to others.

3. Improves attention span

Another benefit of meditation is the extension of your attention span. Meditation is all about increasing your strength to focus and pay attention. A study found out that people who listened to a meditation tape were more focused on completing a task as opposed to the control group. Meditating for a shorter time can have equally great benefits; in fact, a study found out that people who meditated for 13 minutes daily experienced an increased span of attention.

4. Helps with emotional health

Meditation helps you inculcate positivity in yourself and develop a positive image of the world. A review of 18 studies demonstrated that people who practiced meditation revealed improved symptoms of depression as compared to the control group. Meditation allows you to repel negative thoughts and cultivate optimism. Inflammatory chemicals can lead to stress, but several studies have shown that meditation decreases inflammatory chemicals.

5. Better sleep

Another amazing benefit of daily meditation is the improvement in sleep. A considerable amount of people suffer from insomnia. Studies have shown that people who meditate sleep longer and experience an improvement in its severity as compared to the unmedicated group. In addition, skilled individuals in meditation can control their runway thoughts which eventually allows them to have a good sleep at night.

6. May lower age-related memory loss

Improvement in attention span and clarity in thinking allows your mind to stay young, and meditation revolves around the process of enhancing focus in thoughts. Studies on people with age-related memory problems have shown significant improvement in memory performance and psychological tests. Various meditation styles can boost memory, attention, and mental quickness. Dementia patients experience partial improvement in memory with the help of meditation. Daily meditation can prove to be super helpful with memory problems.

The benefits of daily mediation are endless, and we have mentioned the top 6 benefits that can improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Do you practice meditation? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

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