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Gift Hampers Sydney

Eco-friendly gift hampers inspired by Wellness. Our gifts are created to offer relaxation, time-out, and self-care. 

At Gift Therapy, we’re more than just gifts. We do business with our hearts. It doesn’t matter what occasion you’re shopping for, we’re sure to have something for everyone. We have eco-friendly wellness hampers, gifts for Mum, healthier choice food hampers, men's gifts, mindfulness gift hampers, leisure gifts, and pamper hampers designed for your relaxation, time-out, and self-care. Take your time, browse, and I hope you enjoy our site!

Wellness Hampers Australia

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Aroma Oils are known as the soul of the plant. Discover how essential oil blends can enhance your well-being and unwind with our Wellness Hampers. Distilled for your relaxation, let the scent of Australian-harvested essential oils infuse your home and senses.

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Enjoy our range of healthier choice food hampers with fair trade, certified organic, gluten-free, vegan produce, organic tea, coffee, prestigious award-winning red wine, international whites and, Champagne! We pride ourselves on selecting quality products.

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Relax with our wide range of natural skincare pamper hampers. We offer natural or organic products in our pamper hampers. Made with Mother Nature's finest ingredients.

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About Us

At Gift Therapy, we offer a ESPIES (a glimpse) of six wellness principles in our wellness gift hampers. ESPIES is an acronym for Emotional, Social, Physical, Intellectual, Environmental, and Spiritual Wellness. We're committed to helping people unwind from the daily stresses of our urban world while caring for our environment too. Browse our wellness hampers and be inspired by gift ideas focused on your well-being.

Find out more about our journey on our About Us Page.

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Wellness Hamper Sydney

Want a gift for any budget, check out our My Deal page. We've rounded up a list wellness hamper ideas that are creative, thoughtful and yes, still within your budget. Whether you want to gift a moment of self-care and don't want to blow the budget on luxe beauty, we've got you covered. Find our range of fantastic budget-friendly natural, eco-friendly gift ideas and wellness hampers on our My Deal page. 

Food Hampers

We offer healthier choice food hampers with gluten-free, activated, and organic food as well as no added sugar or sugar-free options. 

We love the fact that 95% of our food is sourced from small businesses and wholesalers around Australia, offering high-quality natural and/or organic produce to our customers. 

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